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About the courses    
At CC Academy, we provide specialized courses. For instance, our Women Only Courses will included everything the NRA requires instructors to teach to obtain your CPL, PLUS provide great discussion about firearm selection, how to carry on a woman's body and personal protection issues related to women - taught BY a woman, FOR women! 

Couples Courses
That's right!  Why not come train as a couple and learn how to protect your home together.
Develop a plan for your family, your home, your LIFE together!  Discounts available for couples registered for the same class. 

You have your CPL, Now what?
CC Academy offer the NRA's Personal Protection Outside the home, both basic or advanced. This course will help you with firearm and holster selection and educate you about how to handle real life situations outside the home and conceal carry with confidence!  A lot of range time is included in this course and you MUST either have your CPL or have attended the NRA's Personal Protection inside the home.

Interested in learning more?

Linda Caswell has a passion for our 2nd Amendment rights.  She believes that we MUST take control of our own safety and protection through training and education.  As an NRA Certified Instructor, she is dedicated to teaching women, couples and individuals the tools needed to protect themselves, their families, their homes and others!
About the Instructor